TachyCAD is a system solution for the CAD supported inventory data collection. The measurement results of different common surveying instruments will directly be converted into geometry. According to the requirements, floor plans, sections and views or 3D objects will directly be generated as AutoCAD drawing on site.

The Tachymeter turns into a mouse pointer

With TachyCAD it is possible to transfer measurement data wireless from a tachymeter to a notebook. When triggering a measurement the measurement data will automatically be transferred to the notebook. With these data TachyCAD calculates the 3D coordinates of the measuring point. It will immediately be available for drawing and constructing in AutoCAD, just as if you had clicked with the mouse or had entered the data manually. Also, distances, measured by Bluetooth capable laser distance meters, will be transferred wireless to AutoCAD.

Optimised operating cycles in detail

An extensive range of commands, especially for the archaeological excavation documentation amends the AutoCAD functionality. The basic principle of all commands is always to generate finished illustrations by using as few entries and measurements as possible.

Structured feature management

Next to the CAD plan a feature list can be kept. In optimised work procedures the graphic objects, contained within the drawing, will be linked with the object data of a structure view. On the basis of measured graphic but also of rectified photos or scanned plans, qualified data base-compatible structured mappings will be generated. Data can be exported into data bases without any difficulty.


  • Missing and inconsistent measuring values are detected immediately.
  • Leave the construction site with a finished plan.
  • Rework at the office is reduced to a minimum.
  • The complete range of functions of AutoCAD is available.
  • Gain of time by measuring, constructing and collecting object data at the same time.
  • Non-proprietary when choosing hardware and measurement instruments.
  • Free choice and combination of the measurement procedures: surveyor‘s tape, folding rule, laser distance meter or total station.
  • Realistic automated solution for typical tasks
  • Support at no charge

Application areas

TachyCAD Archaeology is suited for area excavations as well as for complex three-dimensional excavation situations (e.g. city core excavations with wall fragments). Next to the graphic documentation in 2D and/or 3D it is also possible to collect object data for the features and finds in an intelligent way.

Trial version

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Picture: An example for an area excavation with object data, collected on site.

Grabungsdokumentation im CAD, Befunsdaten