Documentation of historical monuments in AutoCAD

PointSense Heritage is suitable for the documentation of historical monuments in conservation, historic building research and the recording of complex three-dimensional excavations in archaeology. Significant and detailed aerial mosaics can be generated or 3D models can be derived from laser scan data and photos.

FARO is compatible with data from most scanner manufacturers

FARO supports most data formats and is therefore hardware independent. As a leading provider of 3D scanners for long range and short range measurement, we are also able to offer complete system solutions.

High resolution documentation of historical buildings and archaeological sites

PointSense Heritage provides functions for typical documentation of preservation monuments and for archaeological excavations (aerial mosaics, foundations, sections, 3D models, etc.) Data can be generated from laser scans and, where applicable, from photos. This combination of laser scanning and photogrammetry in AutoCAD offers flexibility of application and allows for a high resolution, as well as accurate result.

Planar view of scans

The planar view of the scan data offered by PointSense provides a photo-like, clear picture of the individual scans and allows for more intuitive navigation than what is experienced with only raw point clouds. Accidental snapping and selection of points lying in the background is impossible within the planar view allowing for a much more user-friendly experience.

Fast construction of 3D models

PointSense Heritage expands AutoCAD by adding photogrammetric functions. Oriented, high-resolution photos support the processing of laser scan data, enabling the rapid construction of 3D models. Any digital photo can be oriented and embedded into the drawing. Digitized geometry from the imagery is automatically transferred to the correct position in the point cloud.

Classical photogrammetry within AutoCAD

Additionally photos may be processed by clicking the same object points alternately on at least two photos taken from different positions. PointSense Heritage calculates the 3D coordinate of the point. This method allows for easy 3D modeling from controlled photography without using scan data.

Generating true ortho photos

Through the combination of point clouds and photos, true ortho photos can be generated as basis for image plans. During the calculation, the point cloud provides exact surface information, with integration of image data as color and texture. Typically, true ortho photos have a higher resolution and are more dense than ortho photos generated from point clouds.

Image plans through unwinding

By unwrapping point clouds and photos of towers, arches, ceiling frescoes, façades, roofs, etc. into a planar surface, detailed and precise photo-mosaics can be generated, which can be annotated with CAD graphics and dimensions.


  • Rapid 3D modeling by integration of point clouds and photos
  • Stand alone photogrammetric functions are included
  • Calculation of true ortho photos
  • Generation of detailed image mosaics through unwrapping of point clouds and photos of towers, arches, ceiling frescoes, façades, roofs etc. into a reference plane

Classical functions

  • Processing of billion measuring points with AutoCAD Intuitive navigation within the planar view
  • Combination of scan data, CAD and photos
  • Efficient data management
  • Cropping, coloring, masking and labeling of point cloud areas

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