From 3D laser scanner data to 2d plans

PointSense Building will be applied where 2D plans must be generated from 3D data in a short period of time, e.g. for property planning, property survey for facility management or for interior fitting and special construction like shipbuilding.

FARO is compatible with data from most scanner manufacturers

FARO supports most data formats and is therefore hardware independent. As a leading provider of 3D scanners for long range and short range measurement, we are also able to offer complete system solutions.

Floor plans and sections from 3D laser scan data

PointSense Building is the vertical solution for fast and efficient evaluation of 3D laser scan data with existing architecture. Create floor plans, sections and elevations within the AutoCAD environment. PointSense Building provides numerous tools for efficient, semiautomatic drawing and plan design. The product supports almost all laser scanner formats on the market.

Extraction of 2D plans with 3D scan data

An efficient section manager helps divide point clouds into subareas, which are useful for various evaluations. These individual areas can be faded in or out, colored or exported separately. Disturbing items such as trees or furniture can be cut out of the point cloud easily. Sections are created through polygonal selection or by automatic layer generation. Floor plans from any height and sections from any position can be generated efficiently.

Automatic drawing of walls, floors and ceilings

PointSense Building adds useful tools for AutoCAD to generate 2D plan generation from point clouds. After defining layers, the polygon fitting tools support the drawing of walls, floors and ceiling runs. Through adaptation of consecutive lines and automatic spatial joining, continuous polylines are created quickly and precisely. Planes can be extracted from the point cloud automatically and provide edges and corners through spatial joining.

Specific commands for building measurement save time.

Specific commands for doors, staircases, niches or pillars speed up the drawing of floor plans. For example, five clicks or less is enough to generate doors, and their accompanying dimensions

Tracing the CAD plan from the orthophoto

The user may generate orthophotos from the point cloud via any direction. All objects positioned parallel to the projection plane will be displayed to scale in the emerging photo-like raster image. Applications for this function include the creation of high-resolution façade views, overlaying the image with CAD objects or using the image as a mosaic template for drawing and dimensioning.

Room book with structure

Using built-in area management tools, intelligent room polygons can be generated quickly and comfortably from created outline plans. This clear and adaptable structure view makes areas more manageable and room dimensions for usable space clear. With the click of a button, graphical visualizations, room tags and reports can be generated with information such as surface area of rooms, floor types, room usage, etc. Data can be exported into other databases for further evaluation in use with facility management.


  • Fast construction of 2D sections through tools for automatic polygon alignment
  • Specific drawing and dimensioning commands for building elements such as windows, doors, staircases, etc.
  • Database capable area management
  • Calculation of ortho photos from the point cloud

Classic Tools

  • Evaluating billions of measuring points with AutoCAD
  • Intuitive navigation within the planar view
  • Efficient point cloud management:
    clipping, coloring, masking and labeling of point cloud areas

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