3D laser scan data within AutoCAD

PointSense basic and PointSense Pro provide several tools for the management and processing of laser scan data within AutoCAD and support the import of almost all currently available 3D laser scan data formats into AutoCAD.

FARO is compatible with data from most scanner manufacturers

FARO supports most data formats and is therefore hardware independent. As a leading provider of 3D scanners for long range and short range measurement, we are also able to offer complete system solutions.

Management of point clouds within AutoCAD

The Section Manager is a straight-forward tool designed for managing and controlling how point cloud sections are displayed. These sections can be selected or generated automatically; either parallel to a UCS (user coordinate system) or along a designated path. For fast processing new point cloud sections can be created from existing ones with just one click by merging or inverting them. Thus, for example trees that obscure façades can be clipped out without losing points of the building.

Evaluating the 3D scan data

PointSense Pro adds useful tools for modeling and analyzing 3D laser scan data in AutoCAD. Geometric objects such as polylines, planes and cylinders may automatically be fitted to parts of the point clouds. A spatial join of these objects produces corners, edges and peaks. By fitting polygons and lines to point cloud slices layout plans and elevations can be created quickly. Furthermore, new designed objects can be analyzed for clashes with existing objects represented by the scans. Also tools for deformation analysis are provided.

Planar view of Scans

The planar view of PointSense provides a clear photo-like image of the single scans and allows a much more intuitive navigation than the one inside of point clouds. Snapping background points by mistake is impossible in this view.

Orthoimages of a point cloud

The user can create orthoimages of the point cloud from any desired direction. In the resulting raster image all objects that are parallel to the projection plane are to scale. This way the orthoimage can be used as image plan and if needed combined with AutoCAD vector graphics and supplemented with dimensions.


  • Laser scanning – Data evaluation precise, fast and efficient
  • Import of almost all 3D scan data formats into AutoCAD
  • Efficient management of point clouds: masking, dividing, joining
  • Combination of scan data and CAD
  • Fast construction of 3D wireframe models and solids
  • Automated fitting of polylines, cylinders and planes to point cloud sections
  • Ortho images with X-ray function
  • Clash detection analysis between scan and drafted CAD objects
  • Deformation analysis and elevation map
  • Photo-like planar view of scans

Universally usable

  • PointSense software can help many different AutoCAD workflows
  • Inventory documentation in the preservation of monuments and historic buildings
  • Construction supervision
  • Archaeological excavation documentation
  • Crime scene documentation and preservation of evidence

Trial version

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