The PointSense Suite is a new product bundle of FARO‘s popular PointSense Plug‘ins for AutoCAD® and Revit®, that accelerates the evaluation of laser scan data significantly. It provides a complete set of powerful point cloud processing tools on one license. Utilizing the PointSense Suite allows service providers dealing with 3D documentation tasks in every business field of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC).

Whether to model and detail BIM elements inside Revit®, such as ground surfaces, walls, doors, columns, roofs and stairs or to extract data such as 2D floor plans, pipe runs, steel beams, 3D models or image plans inside AutoCAD®, the PointSense Suite allows to create customized deliverables for any AEC construction application. Receiving all PointSense products in one package redefines your productivity and flexibility in processing FARO laser scan data as well as scans captured by 3rd party vendors.

Plug-Ins for AutoCAD® and Revit®

The PointSense Suite offers intelligent geometry extraction tools for modeling and analysis tools for real world QA/QC across Autodesk® AEC platforms. Deliverables, such as: floor plans, BIM models, plant components and image plans can be easily extracted in the Autodesk® platform of choice.

All-in-one package

The PointSense Suite bundles all well-known PointSense products for AutoCAD® and Revit® in one package: PointSense basic and Pro, PointSense Building, PointSense Heritage, PointSense Plant and PointSense for Revit.

Powerful tools for point cloud modeling & analysis

Accelerate point cloud processing with enhanced scan navigation, geometry extraction tools, intuitive sectioning, intelligent SmartSnaps and superior deformation analysis visualizations and reporting.

Intelligent industry tools

Create industry specific 2D and 3D results from as-built data according to the specific documentation task. Extract: 2D plans, 3D building elements, topo features, pipe and steel work, tanks, or generate new BIM Family objects.


  • All-In-One solution for processing scan data in the familiar Autodesk® environment
  • Small investment compared to buying separate PointSense programs
  • Extraction of laser scan data according to different industry specifications by simple switch between software modules
  • Convenient software handling, as all software tools are stored on one license

PointSense for Revit - Process 3D laser scan data directly in Revit®

Automatic fitting and alignment tools for walls and pipes Create directly in the point cloud using real 3D point snap and work plane fitting Process scan data in the Revit® family editor Compare your model with reality using the surface analysis tool

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PointSense Plant - From laser scans to consistent plant models

  • Pre-calculate and auto-recognize industry standard components (pipe runs, steel beams)
  • Tank analysis tools (deformation, volume analysis etc.)
  • Determine tie in points and pipe center lines
  • Export models to design programs such as AutoCAD® Plant 3D, Advance Steel® ...

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PointSense Building - Generate 2D plans from 3D laser scan data

  • Fast construction of 2D sections through tools for automatic line extraction
  • Drawing commands for building elements such as windows, stairs, doors…
  • Database driven area management tools
  • Tools for analysing deformations such as floors and facades

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PointSense Heritage - Photogrammetry and laser scans in AutoCAD®

  • Flexible construction of 3D models thanks to integration of point clouds and photos
  • Generation of true-to-scale image plans and unwound image plans
  • Intuitive navigation within the planar scan view of the scan data

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PointSense basic/Pro - Generic tools for point cloud modeling

  • Section manager assists in management, hiding/displaying of sections
  • SmartSnap feature allows easy snapping of corners, edges and planes
  • Tools to create results, such as deformation reports e.g. as heat maps and elevation plans.

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